By default the wordpress categories hierarchy are shown with the “checked” categories on top as in the demo image here : If you need to show the checked categories beneath their parents you will need to add the following in your functions.php or create a plugin with the following code . function checklist_args( $args )… Read More

So you got this error : No space left on device: AH00023: Couldn’t create the ssl-cache mutex AH00016: Configuration Failed This relates to “semaphores” on your system (you’ve run out). Semaphores can be thought of as simple counters that indicate the status of a resource. This counter is a protected variable and cannot be accessed… Read More

To renew a letsencrypt certificate first you need to have a valid license for your webuzo panel !   For renewal you need to run the following command in putty console or via cronjob:   Renew for all domains: /usr/local/apps/php56/bin/php /usr/local/webuzo/cli.php –lets_encrypt –action=renew_all Renew for a specific domain (ex: mydomain.tld) : /usr/local/apps/php56/bin/php /usr/local/webuzo/cli.php –lets_encrypt –action=renew… Read More

I believe you needed this since you reached this page haha ! There you go : <?php $aws_access_key_id = ”; $aws_secret_key = ”; $aws_bucket = ”; $file_path = ”; $timeout = ‘+10 minutes’; // get the URL! $url = get_public_url($aws_access_key_id,$aws_secret_key,$aws_bucket,$file_path,$timeout); // print the URL! echo($url); function get_public_url($keyID, $s3Key, $bucket, $filepath, $timeout) { $expires = strtotime($timeout);… Read More

So , i think you already have this issue since you reached this page , or you are simply browsing through the blog pages , either way here is the fix :   <?php define(‘ABPATH’, dirname(__file__) . ‘/’); //do not modify this $fp = fopen(ABPATH.”writeto.txt”, “a+”); # Now UTF-8 – Add byte order mark fwrite($fp,… Read More

I’ve recently had to fix a website using old mysql way to query things , as you all noticed mysqli_query uses inverted options meaning  mysqli_query($linkfirst,$queryafter); as of mysql_query($queryfirst,$linksecond); So here you have a mysql backward compatibility script , is not “nice” but it does the job! The $link is taken from global . <?php  /*… Read More

I’m really tired of this ret****d indians trying to steal user accounts or make your pc go crazy full of adds , banners etc . I really don’t know what the files are doing but they often contain this kind of exe loading :  gay.exe or plugin.exe or any other extension that is… Read More

Hellow everyone , Recently i accepted to work on a project that did not ended up really good and i hate when this happen , since i try to do my best on each project some “employers / clients” are not like they seem from the first chat and there will always be some reason that won’t make you… Read More