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Recently i accepted to work on a project that did not ended up really good and i hate when this happen , since i try to do my best on each project some “employers / clients” are not like they seem from the first chat and there will always be some reason that won’t make you happy  .

🙂 Short story :

He asked me to install a magento template that was bought from themeforest , ok  i said , challenge accepted .
So i started to install the template , first making backups , second go for it , take the package , extract it , read documentation and go upload .

Next thing go setup the template on the magento backend(the website was runing live) , i asked him can i make changes ? since this is runing live , are you allowed to make changes ? he said yes , ok .
All done , installed , last step > import demo data (the template was actually using a custom framework with a pagebuilder developed and embeded within template) , next i ask him , are you going to import the demo data ?

– ” Why would i do that”  ?
– Because you need to setup the look otherwise you’ll be needed to use the builder and design it on your own .
– “No i’m not importing , you do know how a template is installed on a magento store do you ? you take the files and upload it in the app folder etc .”
– Ok check the website is installed  .
– “There’s no menu also the footer is missing”

Here it comes the issue , i’ve told him to import demo data , he refused , he said to restore i did that with a 10 minutes “down time” of the website, since his database was over 200mb / 250+ i have zipped the mysql and go upload it , well surprise the phpmyadmin wasn’t importing anything , i had to write a php script in 10 minutes and split the sql file in two parts to load it on the damned database / put it back on the server ,  this project escalated more than it was supposed , due to his mistakes.

– “The website cannot stay offline there are 640+ online users”
–  Check it  , is up now .
– “I’m going to get the envato team install it for me”
– They will import the demo data there’s no way to get this setup without importing the already built design.

So they did install it after all & importing the demo data , he had a wedding > travel  website mixed with  longboards items for sale .

“http://www.ehlerslongboards.com” – this is the website in cause .
So there it is , after all this chatting i’ve messaged him many times to go on freelancer and release payment to end the project , he did not wanted that , so i created a dispute over the project , he released payment .



FINALLY !! (when you think things got worked out well they quite didn’t)

He left me a bad review with a description like i did an imcomplete job .

# 2 * (stars)

hired this freelancer to install theme on a live site. He uploaded the theme / activated it and said it was done. meanwhile nothing on the site looked like a the theme. there were a few pages that showed up but were all messed up.

Skype end conversation : 


[6:53:31 PM] alin rzv: Thanks for the negative feedback , have a nice day .
[6:53:47 PM] superb: wasn’t negative
[6:53:49 PM] superb: just honest
[6:53:53 PM] alin rzv: Not really ..
[6:54:02 PM] alin rzv: I asked you to import the demo
[6:54:05 PM] alin rzv: you said no
[6:54:11 PM] alin rzv: that’s what envato did ..
[6:54:19 PM] alin rzv: anyway ..
[6:55:00 PM] superb: the import was not needed they installed it afterwards to easier edit the images and text for the admin
[6:55:50 PM] alin rzv: i’ve seen it since it was installed , trust me .. is not like you are saying , that framework worked with a pagebuilder , the design was already built just need to import it ..
[6:55:59 PM] alin rzv: as i said , thanks ..
[6:56:16 PM] superb: no problem enjoy

So i left him a bad employer review as he really is , guess what , he deactivated the employer “option” on his account so people won’t see it  . 

What i’ve learned from this ?


  1. –  Don’t go on skype for talking , keep all conversations over freelancer so you can report it without any issue.
  2. –  Feedback replies (when you reply on the negative feedback he left you) won’t be displayed on your profile so the other employer would know it wasn’t your fault .
  3. –  Make sure you take enough actions to be fully prepared as things can escalate quickly
  4. –  You can view your feedbacks and reply on this link (sometimes i was searching it for one hour !!) .
  5. –  Disputes can save your money  ( at least that !) but not your time .


Keep it real ,
Best Regards ,Alin Razvan
I'm a small fish in a big ocean , trying to make a difference and some waves while swimming my way through .

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