I’m really tired of this ret****d indians trying to steal freelancer.com user accounts or make your pc go crazy full of adds , banners etc .

I really don’t know what the files are doing but they often contain this kind of exe loading :

leadbeez.com/tmp/gay  gay.exe or plugin.exe or any other extension that is beeing loaded .

They often upload some “Mega project” with a Big Budget like 10000$ , and a description file for you to read often in a  .zip format containing a modified exe with a doc icon or .doc format binded with some VBSCRIPT via Microsoft office Macros that will execute that damn external exe file .

Freelancer.com don’t seem to do nothing about this  kind of attachments.

Keep safe & watch out for this!

Keep it real ,
Best Regards ,Alin Razvan
I'm a small fish in a big ocean , trying to make a difference and some waves while swimming my way through .

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